Top 100 Blogs by Catholic Sisters and Nuns

You wouldn’t think it, but nuns are blogging up a storm! Nuns of all stripes and backgrounds share their thoughts, reflections, and stories on a variety of topics, from photography, to birds, Catholic news, and local service projects. Follow sisters-to-be as they go through the process of becoming a nun, or explore the most senior nuns as they provide poignant stories and bible lessons to their faithful readers. The 100 blogs listed here are the best nun blogs on the net, full of terrific anecdotes and lessons learned from years of serving the Lord.

Individual Nuns Share Their Thoughts

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Sister Helen Prejean: a leading advocate against the death penalty, Sister Helen Prejean shares her views on the death penalty, innocence, peace, and politics.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Ask Sister Mary Martha: Sister Mary answers reader’s questions and provides helpful advice on a number of topics.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Grace Filled Days: Sr. Grace Marie blogs about religious life, using the blog as her personal journal of her journey through faith.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Notes from Stillsong Hermitage: Sr. Laurel writes on the joy and wholeness that comes from a life of prayer in the silence of solitude.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Scotland Nun: follow the life of a Benedictine hermit in this interesting, and always engaging blog.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Visitation Spirit: this blog provides a deeper level of devotional material for those who seek in depth analysis of Biblical thought.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Amusing Grace: written by Sister Ruth, a vocation director living in a contemplative monastery, Amusing Grace is for woman as they discern a possible call to religious life.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Backlit With Joy: sisters Ryan and Hopman are members of the Ursuline Sisters and share in their joy of working for the Lord.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]bayathread: this blog is the place for sacred play and creative prayer. The author presents articles designed to delight and deepen your relationship with God and everybody else.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary: sisters Donelan, Klein, and Thomas blog about their experiences providing service and teaching in Africa.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]Catholic Faith Corner: blogger Mary, a Sister of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio uses her blog to make disciples of all nations.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]Caught Up in God: sister Rose blogs about prayer, Pentecostal poetry, the mystery, and transformation—topics that you can take to heart.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Colwich Novitiate: this blog offers readers a glimpse into the life and experiences of a Benedictine novitiate.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Franciscan Life: this nun blogs about her life as a Sister of St. Francis, discusses her interests, and shares her views on justice issues.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Habitually Speaking: Sister Monica has been writing her blog since she entered religious life. A member of the Franciscan Sisterhood of Christian Charity.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Happy Nun Tells All: Sister Colleen answers questions people have about nuns. This blog is a nice mix of silly and serious postings.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]Hell Burns: readers come here to learn about the theology of the body and media literacy blog of Sr. Helena Burns, self proscribed media nun.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Hope-full Signs: this Catholic Religious Sister uses her blog to share a little bit about her faith, with the goal of brining Hope to those who might find their way to the blog.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls: this nun, who has been a Franciscan Sister for nearly 60 years, blogs about living in the convent in Little Falls, MN.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]Living Justly: Sister Kathleen is a Notre Dame Sister and Director of the Diocese of Cleveland Social Action Office. Her blog is a great resource for peace, social and economic justice topics.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]Messy Jesus Business: Sister Julia Walsh contemplates the challenge of really living the Gospel when Christianity has become fluffy and watered down.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Monastic Musings Too: Sister Edith shares her thoughts on Proverbs, history, education, the environment, and travel.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Musings of a Discerning Woman: this Gen X nun provides occasional musings as she lives into a life of love and service.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Mystics and Prophets: Sister Amy shares reflections on emerging religious life in today’s Church. The blog is thoughtfully written.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]Nun Blog: Sister Ann loves to blog about book reviews, news from her local convent, and share in the message of Jesus.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]Nunsuch: Sister Sandy uses this blog as a personal journal, documenting her everyday life as a nun and pondering religious topics.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]OPreach: this nun blog is different from the rest. It features the kind words, reflective thoughts, and photography of Sister Pat.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]La Paz de Susan: written by nun Susan Dewitt, this is her place to blog about living in El Salvador as coordinator of a health volunteer mission.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]Reflections of an RSCJ: sister Helen blogs about her lessons on finding the heart of Jesus. She provides a wealth of information on spiritual reading.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]A Sister of St Joseph’s Blog: this blog is about being a Sister of St. Joseph in today’s world. It provides readers with a glimpse into how we connect with God.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Some Call Me Sis: the diary of a vowed member in the Congregation of St. Agnes since May 2003, Some Call Me Sis is a witty look into the life of a nun.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul: keep up to date on the goings on from these special sisters.
  33. [thumb][/thumb]Sister Stephanie’s ABCs: this cute blog tells the story of Sister Stephanie, a Catholic preschool teacher.
  34. [thumb][/thumb]Streams ‘n Stirrings: this blog, writing by Sister Jean, provides readers with Bible study, lessons, and reflections on life, love, and faith.
  35. [thumb][/thumb]Sunflower Seeds: this well written blog has a simple motto—it celebrates everyday spirituality. One of our favorites.
  36. [thumb][/thumb]Take With You Words: offers reflections of scripture, liturgy, and literature read through Benedictine eyes.
  37. [thumb][/thumb]Unable to Grasp God’s Essence: offers photography as a way to praise the God of the seen and the unseen.
  38. [thumb][/thumb]Visitation Monastery: keep up with the sisters of this wonderful monastery with this compelling, and fun to read blog.

On The Lighter Side

  1. [thumb][/thumb]Book Reviews by Sister Ruth: Franciscan Sister Ruth is an avid reader and blogs her reviews on her site.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]My Story Hour: this sister provides readers with thoughtful children’s stories parents can use to teach their children about the Lord.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]PR Woman for Christ: the journal of a sister who has traveled the world and offers reflections on her daily life.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]A Comfortable Cup of Tea: blogger Sister Sarah shares her love of the Lord and her passion of arts & crafts. A lovely little blog.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Contemplative Horizon: a contemplative monastic nun writing about spirituality, family, relationships, memories, art and craft, books, and more.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Nun Talk: the blog of A Nun’s Life Ministry. The sisters discuss a variety of topics from God and faith to everyday questions on sensible shoes.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]Nun Essential: this blog covers authentic life, love, holiness, as it can be expressed through pop culture and politics.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Scattered Showers in a Clear Sky: Sister Anne of the Daughters of Charity uses this blog to post articles on poetry, gardening, birding, and other reflections on life.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]Sister Rose at the Movies: move over movie critics, it’s Sister Rose! This fun and unique blog offers a nun’s take on a variety of films.

Follow These New Sisters

  1. [thumb][/thumb]The Life of a New Sister: started in 2008 to chronicle her first year as a Marianist sister, this blog serves as journal for this happy and devoted sister.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Communitas et Caritas: Sister Juliet writes about community and love—in her words the unexpected twists and turns of becoming a nun.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Diary of a Sister in Training: in her first year of formation with the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, Tracy shares her experiences.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Let Christ Be Formed in Me: the Daughter of St. Paul Postulant Community blog about their journey towards becoming nuns.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]Support Sr. Katie’s Habit: follow Katie as she takes her journey as an Apostle of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Blogs from the Convent

  1. [thumb][/thumb]The Benedictine Sisters: the sisters of the St. Scholastica Monastery write about the Holy Spirit, peace, and the monastic life.
  2. [thumb][/thumb]Catholic Benedictine Sisters Discernment Blog: the Catholic Benedictine Sisters of St. Mary Monastery from Rock Island Illinois blogs about monastic life.
  3. [thumb][/thumb]Christ is Our Life: the sisters of this Carmelite Order blog about their experiences working for God. Includes videos, pictures, and great stories.
  4. [thumb][/thumb]Connect With Mercy: the official blog for the Sisters of Mercy, readers find information on the work and lives of these sisters.
  5. [thumb][/thumb]FCJ Sister’s Blog: reflections of the sisters who blog about their mission, prayer, retreats, and spirituality.
  6. [thumb][/thumb]Felician Franciscan Sisters: the sisters of St. Felix CSSF share their views on the latest going on at the congregation.
  7. [thumb][/thumb]FSPA For Justice and Peace: this blog by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration covers justice and peace issues.
  8. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Our Lady Immaculate: the sisters share their thoughts and prayers on Pope Francis and provide mp3’s and videos on Catholic topics.
  9. [thumb][/thumb]The Hidden Treasure: the Antonine Sisters share their faith as they leave everything behind to follow God.
  10. [thumb][/thumb]How Wonderful Are Your Works O Lord: the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters are a cloistered congregation that blog about their work making the love of Christ known throughout the world.
  11. [thumb][/thumb]IHM Calling: the sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Monroe, Michigan share their love and service to Christ.
  12. [thumb][/thumb]In The Hands of the Potter: the sisters of Notre Dame post on reflections, prayer, holy days, and other thought-provoking topics.
  13. [thumb][/thumb]Little Sisters of the Poor: this worldwide organization of nuns shares heart warming stories of service and devotion.
  14. [thumb][/thumb]Monastery Podcast: the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration provide visitors with an audio-blog full of compelling and inspiring liturgies.
  15. [thumb][/thumb]Our Lady of the Mississippi Abby: this blog shares in the news, events, and happenings at this Mississippi abby.
  16. [thumb][/thumb]Religious Life for Beginners: members of the Felician Franciscan sisters journal about their experiences ministering and providing service.
  17. [thumb][/thumb]School Sisters of St. Francis: these sisters in Amarillo, Texas open up their residence and keep readers appraised of their daily lives.
  18. [thumb][/thumb]Sister News: provides news, opinion, and information about American Catholic Religious Sisters. Contains links and resources to get you connected to further information on sisters.
  19. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Bon Secours: this blog pulls back the curtain on life as sisters and provides the reader with the thoughts and feelings of sisters, what they like, and the opportunity to ask questions.
  20. [thumb][/thumb]The Sisters Blog: the sisters of St. Benedict in Ferdinand, Indiana write about prayer, offer reflections, and keep readers informed of the latest news in their sisterhood.
  21. [thumb][/thumb]The Sisters of Grace: the sisters of Saint Benedict of Our Lady of Grace Monastery share moments and insights from their daily life seeking God.
  22. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery: this blog is authored by a group of sisters at Saint Benedict’s Monastery. Read all about their daily lives.
  23. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Saint Dominic: the sisters of Saint Dominic share their experiences on providing service to the community.
  24. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of the Holy Family: read this blog to learn more about the work these sisters do to help the poor and needy, especially families, for the Kingdom of God.
  25. [thumb][/thumb]The Word of God: the Congregation of Felician Sisters provide readers with homilies, Catholic news, and calendars.
  26. [thumb][/thumb]1 Franciscan Way: the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George blog on their journey in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.
  27. [thumb][/thumb]Abby of Saint Walburga: the blog of the Benedictine Contemplative Nuns, this site is used by the nuns to communicate their reflections, prayers, and thoughts on Church news.
  28. [thumb][/thumb]Catherine’s Café: the Catholic Sisters at Catherine’s Café proclaim the gospel proclaim the gospel through preaching, teaching, and building a holy and just society.
  29. [thumb][/thumb]Collaborative Dominican Novitiate: the sisters of CDN write articles about their experiences living at CDN in St. Louis.
  30. [thumb][/thumb]Daughters of Charity Principal Archives: the Daughters of Charity provide historical information about the order, including photographs and documents.
  31. [thumb][/thumb]Franciscan Footprints: the Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, Peoria, Illinois (OSF) blog about life in the convent.
  32. [thumb][/thumb]iBenedictines: the nuns of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Howton Grove Priory, UK (Benedictine Nuns, OSB) offer commentary and reflection on global and local events.
  33. [thumb][/thumb]In The Shadow of His Wings: the Passionist Nuns of Saint Joseph Monastery in the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky offer readers a peak into the cloister.
  34. [thumb][/thumb]Light Through Glass Stained Windows: this blog provides information on hermitages, retreats, Sunday liturgy, ministries, and other parts of life as Benedictine Sisters of Erie.
  35. [thumb][/thumb]Little Company of Mary: the Little Company of Mary Sisters of Ireland share in their work loving and serving God.
  36. [thumb][/thumb]Little Design: this blog is all about living, praying, and working together as Sisters of St. Joseph in the 21st Century.
  37. [thumb][/thumb]Live Jesus: The Order of the Visitation of Holy Mary at the Monastery of the Visitation in Georgetown (aka Visitation Sisters) blogs about news from the Visitation Monastery.
  38. [thumb][/thumb]Monastery Happenings: this blog keeps readers informed on the current happenings at the Monastery of Saint Clare in Chesterfield, NJ.
  39. [thumb][/thumb]Benedictine Sisters Elk County: the sisters blog about Jesus, how to have a successful fast, and provide news from their sisterhood.
  40. [thumb][/thumb]Our Lady of Solitude Monastery: these desert nuns believe that a religious community must conform to the requirements of the times. Read about their daily work in this beautiful blog.
  41. [thumb][/thumb]Seeking God a Benedictine Blog: the online diary of the Queen of Angles Monastery in Mt. Angel, Oregon.
  42. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: these sisters have been touched by God’s steadfast love and share their thoughts, reflections, and experiences.
  43. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of the Gospel of Life: the Sisters of the Gospel of Life believe that the Gospel of Life is at the heart of Jesus’ message.
  44. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of the Holy Family: follow these sisters as they seek out and advocate for the poor and needy, especially families, for the Kingdom of God.
  45. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of Providence Blog: these sisters believe that with hard work, they can break boundaries and create hope. Their blog provides updates on their work.
  46. [thumb][/thumb]Sisters of St. Dominic: these nuns from St. Dominic in Blauvelt, New York keep readers up to date on their mission and activities.
  47. [thumb][/thumb]The Ursaline Sisters: follow the ministry, community service, and good works of the Ursaline Sisters in this thoughtful blog.
  48. [thumb][/thumb]Dominican Life on Lotus Lane: step inside this place to learn about the lives of the cloistered Dominican nuns at the Monastery of the Infant Jesus in Lufkin, TX.