Top 100 Christian Marriage and Relationships Blogs

Updated: July 12, 2013

Let’s face it. There are thousands of marriage and relationship blogs out there. Where to begin? Fear not, we’ve sifted through the vast array of these blogs to pick our top 100 Christian marriage and relationship blogs. These blogs feature relationship advice, wedding planning, and most of all stories, advice, and tips for having a healthy, loving Christian marriage.

Note: The following list is presented in no particular order. We have numbered them for easier reading, but the numbers are not indicative of a particular “ranking”.

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Christian Marriage Blogs

  1. Christian Marriage Spice: this blog, written by newly married Christians living in Southern California, Christian Spice explores love, intimacy, communication, dating your spouse, and spiritual leadership.
  2. Christian Marriage Café: at the Christian Marriage Café, readers will find helpful topics on the aspect of relationship dynamics using Scripture. Posts provide a unique blend of Scripture and common personality.
  3. The Wedding Pickle: not only a wedding inspiration blog, The Wedding Pickle is a Christian marriage blog built around the belief that divorce can be eliminated if God is present in our marriages.
  4. Spiritually Unequal Marriage: bloggers Lynn and Dineen offer advice on how to thrive in your spiritually equal marriage.  Readers are provided with both insight and helpful tips.
  5. Joyful MarriagesJoyful Marriages: Ron and Nancy Anderson share their thoughts on their broken and restored marriage and how bringing Christ into the marriage can give it new prospective and peace.
  6. The Christian Marriage Counselor: Janet Kester is a licensed social worker and counselor who specializes in Christ-centered marital counseling. She writes about how to overcome stress and a failure to communicate in marriage.
  7. Peaceful Wife: blogger April Cassidy describes her journey on becoming a more respectful, submissive, joyful wife. She enlightens readers on how to become a peaceful and quiet spirit that does not give way to fear.
  8. Christian Based Marriage Intensives: the blog at Christian Based Marriage Intensives is geared to help you save your marriage and discusses such topics as children, infidelity, money, and relationships.
  9. Affair Care: this blog is chiefly concerned with repairing your Christian marriage after an event of infidelity. Features an email newsletter that provides helpful tips for keeping your marriage affair-free.
  10. Today’s Christian Marriage: bible teacher Edward Ridenour shares his insights on biblical marriage, remarriage after death of a spouse, divorce, and marriage issues within the church.
  11. Christian Marriage Today: this blog tells the story of numerous individuals who are asking for prayer and support in restoring their marriage, learning how to have a healthy marriage, and recovering from divorce.
  12. All Things Are Ready: this blog offers great advice for both brides and grooms as they plan their upcoming wedding.  Includes articles on photography, gifts, and why not to have a short engagement.
  13. Christian Wedding Blog: this blog will help you plan the Christian wedding of your dreams.  Complete with wedding dress ideas, various bridesmaids dresses, and a gallery of veils.
  14. Hephziba Bride: offers engaged Christians a wealth of information for planning their wedding.  Features Christian wedding invitations, Christian décor ideas, and Christian wedding vendors.
  15. The Sweet Christian Bride: blogger Lindsay Hall provides readers with a compilation of the advice, stories, and ideas she wishes she heard as a bride.  The blog helps readers keep an eternal perspective during your wedding planning.
  16. Write Them on the Doorposts of Your House: this blog’s series on Christian marriage is written by Pam Forster and family.  The blog includes character-building projects, articles, book review, and more.  The goal of the blog is to build up bible-centered living.
  17. Mission:husband: blogger Gerad is a married father of three and uses his blog to convey the lessons he’s learned living in a Christian marriage.  The blog is mainly geared towards Christian husbands.
  18. One Flesh Marriage: at One Flesh Marraige, bloggers Brad and Kate share their intimate experiences with what God has done in their marriage. The blog is modeled after the “One Flesh” vision.
  19. The Generous Wife: in this marriage blog, Lori writes from the heart realizing that our actions should be born from values and principles. Damaged from selfishness, she opens up to explore kindness, encouragement, and overall generosity.
  20. The Generous Husband: Lori’s husband Paul blogs about his passion for marriage and reminds readers that no matter how good or bad your marriage is today, it can be better. His mission is to do what he can to help marriages get better.
  21. Journey to SurrenderJourney to Surrender: blogger Scott writes about exploring, discovering and attaining the fullest potential in Christian marriage. The blog is geared for the Christian couple willing to travel the biblical path of God’s design for marriage.
  22. Marriage Life Ministeries: written by couple Clint and Alecia, married since 1997, Marriage Life Ministeries explores how married couples can improve their marriage moment by moment.
  23. A Grown Up Marriage: the writer at this blog understand that in marriage, you either grow up or grow apart. Written by a regular guy trying to make his marriage better every day.
  24. Affair Care: geared to help couples heal and grow after an affair. Includes posts on how affairs start, what happens when your spouse writes to an “old friend”, and four things you can do to save your marriage.
  25. Autie Em’s Guide to Life: in this clever little blog, Melinda and her husband write about the lessons they’ve learned after over 30 years of marriage. Their blog is a great resource for married Christians.
  26. Becoming His Eve: blogger Hannah uses her blog to connect to readers and encourages them to be challenged and encouraged, reclaim passion and joy, and embrace your womanhood.
  27. Christian Home and Family: this blog has tons of great resources for the Christian home. Its section on Christian marriage includes great articles on improving your marriage.
  28. Chronic Marriage: this blog is all about helping marriages where one spouse has a chronic illness. Posts discuss the unique challenges that can present themselves from this situation and how to overcome them to have a stronger marriage.
  29. Elevate Your Marriage: this blog is concerned with elevating your marriage–that is, lifting it up to new heights. The posts on this blog encourage couples to look up to Christ.
  30. Encourage Your Spouse: this blog basically is about using encouragement to empower marriage. According to the author, encouragement is made up of 5 aspects:  Hope, Faith, Love, Prayer & Action.
  31. Genuine Husband: a member of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association, Genuine Husband takes a personal look at the traits and characteristics of being a more loving, genuine husband.
  32. God’s Help for Marriage: Daniel writes about marriage from the heart.  He believes that God’s desire for your marriage is an extension of His mission for the Church. For him, marriages are designed to foster evangelism and discipleship.
  33. Intentional by Grace: in the marriage section of this great blog, articles are chalk-full of helpful tips for a stronger Christian marriage. Topics include beating bad habits and other advice.
  34. Live Simply Love: written by newlyweds who married later in life, this blog explores what they’ve learned from marriage, how they prepared, and what lies ahead.
  35. Marriage Dance: Marriage Dance celebrates God’s relationship plan. The bloggers believe that God made us for a life of adventure, intimacy and joy. How well does your marriage reflect these intentions? Check out this blog to find out!
  36. Marriage Gems: blogger Lori bases this blog on her extensive interviews with couples who have used adversity to improve their marriages. The blog is tastefully written.
  37. Marriage Missions International: this Christian marriage blog seeks to help married couples and those preparing for marriage to be active in helping to save marriage from divorce.
  38. My Marriage Works: Kevin and Cetelia blog about marriage, family, and why they do what they do regarding marriage. Offers couples helpful advice from a couple who’s been through a lot.
  39. Messy Marriage: this blog explores the messy sides of marriage and how to use God’s love to be redeemed from the ugly, the broken, the desperate mess. Posts explore God’s eternal, unseen, redemptive side.
  40. My Beloved Is Mine: the story of Jason and Tiffani–a couple deeply in love and committed to God. They’ve been through the fires of hell in their marriage journey and reach out to other couples to help them improve their marriages.
  41. Mystery 32: written by a young wife with a passion for marriage, the author believes that the Lord has ignited the desire in her heart to do something about the tragic divorce rate in our country.
  42. One Extraordinary Marriage: the goal of One Extraordinary Marriage is to host a dialogue with readers about marriage, faith, and family. Includes a dynamic podcast.
  43. One Heart Beat: the One Heart Beat blog believes that marriage is the core of a strong community. The authors dream of a flourishing, vibrant, strong community of healthy marriages.
  44. Pearl’s Oyster Bed: this blog is all about encouraging the low libido wife. Posts are geared towards understanding men, marriage, and sex. Articles help couples reinvigorate their intimacy.
  45. Rebel for His Cause: written by a stubborn, strong-willed woman, Rebel for His Cause is all about rekindling romance in your marriage and discovering self-identity.
  46. Redeeming Marriages: geared towards saving Christian marriages, Redeeming Marriages tells the story of the lessons learned from a couple who was on the brink of divorce and then saved their marriage.
  47. Sensuous Happy Hubby: this blog is all about bring a sense of spice back into your marriage. Contains detailed decisions on sex, love, and relationships.
  48. Shocking Marriage: this blog addresses the shocking but all too real statistic that 50% of marriages fail. The goal of this blog is to highlight successful marriages and methods to keep marriages lasting for the long term.
  49. Stupendous Marriage: this happily married couple at one point was not communicating well, and felt like they hit rock bottom. After finding the tips and tools for saving their marriage, they share their lessons learned.
  50. The Alabaster JarThe Alabaster Jar: Jolene blogs about marriage and parenting in this eye-opening blog. Once married, divorced, and now married again, Jolene shares her thoughts on marriage, love, and perseverance.
  51. The Marriage Concierge: the folks at the Marriage Concierge provides a wide-range of concierge services for both Married Husbands & Wives. The blog discusses happiness, love, and many other topics.
  52. The Pure Bed Blog: the blog for this online Christian intimacy store. Their goal is to enhance intimacy between Christian spouses. They write about how to be a better lover to your husband/wife.
  53. The Respected Husband: written by a husband in a great marriage, The Respected Husband provides insight into what it is like to be a respected husband.
  54. Too Darn Happy: this fun blog is all about encouraging faith, practicing gratitude, and discovering joy. Readers learn how happiness can help build strong and satisfying relationships.
  55. True Agape: newlywed couple Ryan and Cassie created this site because they felt there is a lack of commitment, personal responsibility and willingness to make marriage work.
  56. The Warrior Wives: this blog is in response to a married couple noticing that their peer’s marriages began to implode and crumble. A good read to save your marriage.
  57. Young Wives Guide: this blog is written by a young wife (married at 19) and is a thoughtful look into the joyful lives of a young couple (and their recent newborn twins).
  58. The Wonder of Marriage: long time married couple Rita and Robert blog about their marriage and the beauty of it. They discuss multiple topics, including teenagers questions about marriage and the important of marriage.
  59. Catholic Digest Marriage: this blog provides readers with thought provoking articles on relocating for love, weddings, relationships, and survival in a two -faith family.
  60. Proposal to Marriage: this blog is the journal of Bernard as he prepares to marry Jane. An Australian writer and speaker with a theological formation, he injects life and humor into the proposal and wedding planning process.

Christian Marriage Sexual Intimacy Blogs

  1. The Marriage Bed: discusses sex and intimacy topics for married Christians.  The blog includes various marriage and sexuality information from the web, articles, tweets, and tips.
  2. Christian NymphosChristian Nymphos: written for married Christian women, Christian Nymphos is a no holds barred site where readers can connect to discuss such topics as orgasms, positions, romantic ideas, sex toys, pregnancy and motherhood, and other women’s issues.
  3. To Love Honor and Vacuum: Christian speaker Sheila Wray Gregoire writes about Christian marriage, exploring marriage FAQ’s, parenting, sex, homemaking, and family life.
  4. Passionate Christian Marriage: this female blogger writes about a variety of topics on Christian marriage, including respect, naughty thoughts, date night, and feminism.
  5. Hot, Holy, and Humorous: this fun blog is all about how sex in a Christian marriage can be–you guessed it–hot, holy and humorous! Written by a wife, and mom who writes biblically and bluntly.
  6. Do Not Disturb: this blog is written by a couple that believes that sex was given freely as a gift from the Lord and should be freely reflected in one’s marriage. This blog helps Christian marriages become more intimate.
  7. Intimacy in Marriage: in her blog, Julie recognizes that when writing about sex and intimacy, she needs to be clear about her beliefs. This blog is an honest, open look at love and sex in a Christian marriage.
  8. Romantic Vineyard: containing a rich harvest of ideas to help your marriage grow, Romantic Vineyard includes stories on virtues that all marriages should have–patience, love, and patience.

Christian Relationship Blogs

  1. Christian Relationship Blog: Mark Anthony McCray examines relationship issues in a Christian context, exploring satisfaction, spirituality, and temptation.
  2. Today’s Christian Woman: this blog explores a variety of marriage topics, including marriage in real life, romance, and stories from the heart.
  3. Boundless: this Christian dating and relationship blog delves into dating, romance, proposals, and marriage. Also including are proposal stories which melt the heart!
  4. Ask Dr. P: this blog is dedicated to sharing candid views about marriages, finances, and relationships–focusing amongst youths and teenagers. Youth defined by the appearance, freshness, and vigor possessed by an individual.
  5. Single Certain: this blog shares the journey of an individual through life as a single, God-loving twenty something. The author hopes that somebody might learn something through their sins, struggles, and relationship with God.
  6. Savvy Single Christian: this author describes herself as the perfect combination of sassy, classy, spice and nice. The blog provides readers with dating do’s and don’ts, among many others.
  7. The View From Her: this Midwest writer blogs about relationships in a Christian context. Interesting topics include male birth control, love, and connections.
  8. CrosswalkCrosswalk: this informative blog is massive, and includes a variety of great categories.  The marriage and relationship section reviews how to rediscover your mate and how to deal with narcissistic men.
  9. All in the Family: Dr. Richard offers his advice on how to understand marriage and family relationships. A memorable post is all about healing your memories.
  10. Smalley: The Smalley Center is a Christian marriage ministry designed to help couples questioning their marriage. The articles tackle affairs, divorce, and communication issues.
  11. Single Christian Dating: this guide offers readers helpful knowledge about how online dating sites work for shy men, how to date, and which Christian dating sites to use.
  12. The Christian Coaching Center: this blog contains helpful ideas for having a loving, passionate Christian marriage. Serves as a great resource for couples seeking help with their marriage.
  13. Knowledge for Life: relationship coach Quentin McCall is a thought leader, relationship and life strategist. His blog discusses the topics of dating, relationships, courting, and getting over tough break-ups.
  14. The Christian Life Coaching Blog: this informative blog explores tough questions in Christian relationships, including “is she the one”, dealing with conflicts with family, and other informative relationship topics.
  15. Leroy Scott’s Relationship Counseling Blog: Leroy Scott MS, MDiv is a nationally recognized Christian counselor and relationship Coach. His blog deals with how to avoid loving the wrong person and finding the way to a man’s heart.
  16. The Love Plan: relationship coach Scott Simpson, Master of Divinity talks directly to Christian singles on how they can find truly loving and life-changing relationships.
  17. Christian Pankhurst: relationship coach Christian Pankhurst has a clarity of writing that cuts to the heart of living in love with a healthy relationship. Women will find his thoughts on how they can unlock their potential.
  18. Bridget Haymond: Christian relationship coach Bridget Haymond blogs about Christian relationships, how to break out of unhealthy, degrading relationships and how to foster a renewal in you and your partner.
  19. Life Coaching for Christian Women: the bloggers at Life Coaching for Christian Women write about how Christian women can empower themselves to create real change and find healthy, loving relationships.
  20. With All Things: a Christian blog about relationships, With All Things seeks to heal those who’ve looked for love but go for lust/like instead. Posts help people to learn to love the right way.
  21. Christian Dating Advice: you guess it, this blog is all about giving Christians tips and lessons learned regarding the dating scene. Topics include how to prepare yourself for a mate and seeking deliverance.
  22. The Christian Relationship Blog That Needs a Name: this Christian relationship blog is all encompassing, going over dating, wedding planning, and how to right a rocky relationship.
  23. Christian Thoughts: a Christian woman’s thoughts about life, relationships, Christian living and God. The author explains it’s a safe place to share and express your thoughts about spirituality and life.
  24. Dating Advice from a Girl: this no-nonsense blog attacks all sorts of relationship topics.  Includes dating tips for single girls, single guys, and even breaks it down to types of people you might meet.
  25. John Shore: Christian author John Shore shares his thoughts on Christian relationships and a bunch of other Christian topics. From love to Christian’s feelings towards gays, John Shore is sure to give readers something to think about.
  26. Loving Christ, Desiring Marriage: this touching blog is written by a single Christian woman in her twenties. While not an expert, she is a passionate writer that seeks to communicate with young adult Christian men and women about Christian relationships.
  27. For Christian Lovers OnlyFor Christian Lovers Only: written by a married couple, this blog explores marriage questions and answers, protecting your marriage from porn, and financial issues in marriage.
  28. Catholic Match: this blog for a catholic dating site offers Catholics a wealth of information on dating, marriage, divorce, and how to overcome the dangers of abuse and other problems in a relationship.
  29. Captive the Heart: written for Catholic brides, this wedding blog contains all the things a Catholic bride might want to know about the wedding. Plus, the blogger Stephanie shares some personal stories on her relationship with her husband.
  30. Catholic Cookie Jar: written by a 20-something year old Catholic newlywed and graduate student, Catholic Cookie Jar documents the first year of marriage for a young couple.
  31. Young and Catholic: this entertaining blog features some posts on Catholic relationships and dating. Written by a young Catholic eager to explore the world of growing up Catholic.
  32. Ruth Institute: Christian speaker and blogger Ruth tackles big issues in Christian marriage today, including the future of marriage, marriage in government and the courts, and contraception.